Scammer tries to extort Bitcoin, threatens to break into house and becomes a joke

In a coup made by e-mail, the scammer threatened „to give $ 500 to be able to leave the victim in peace“, the origin of the coup can be Ledger’s leak.

E-mail scams are very common in the cyber environment. From the old schemes that shared different viruses disguised as „Pictures of Our Party“, to more recent scams that use the pandemic as the main way to threaten people. Recently a new threat campaign was unveiled that asks people to make a payment in Bitcoin Profit to avoid being the victim of a home invasion, but some details made the threat become a joke.

Reported by one of the recipients of the message, the coup starts by calling the user by name (properly censored in the image below), and alerting that he knows that the person has cryptomoedas.

„Hi, I recently found out that you have several cryptomoks, I also live in [name of the censored city] and I also know that you live in [censored address].

I’m not afraid to break into your house, I don’t want to make it any harder than it needs to be“.

Note from criminal to victim. Note that English is well suffered with several mistakes that indicate that the creator of the coup does not have English as his primary language.

The criminal keeps making threats, saying that he will break into the victim’s house and assault him, or else take some opportunity to steal from him.

„If you don’t pay I will show up when you least wait and see how my wrench works, or maybe even wait for you to go to work and rob your house when you are not there to call the police.

„I’m offering you $500 to leave you alone.

Despite the threat that could worry some people, the „criminal“ turned out to be a joke when he made the „request for money“ not to assault the victim.

Because of the English he suffered, or simply because of a lack of cognitive ability, the scammer wrote „I am offering you $500 to leave you alone“ or instead of asking $500 from the victim (in Bitcoin). Of course, this turned out to be a joke in Reddit’s own comments.

Sounds like a great deal to me! I would take the money“.
Comment on Reddit making a joke about blackmail pitifully done.

„US$ 500 is very little, it asks for US$ 1 thousand“, commented another user.

The creator of the post himself, and recipient of the email joked with the situation, when they suggested that he send his cryptomeda receiving address the Reddit user replied: „I should … they said they are offering me $ 500.

Recently a hacker leaked various information from Ledger users, including emails, names, address and other important data. Among the data were information from over 1500 Brazilians. The creator of the Reddit post acknowledged that he is a Ledger user.

This is not the first time that the Ledger has suffered such a leak. But this data is commonly found on forums, distributed for free or sold in lots for a few dollars. And that’s exactly what buyers of this information do for profit: They make threats on the Internet in email scams sent to a large number of people.

At least, it seems that no one has taken the bait and the wallet used by the scammer is still completely empty.